Inside the Dugout of the 1939 Oaks

Back row- Buxton, Conroy, Gudat, Bithorn, Kelly, Jolly, Fallon, Cantwell, Salveson, Gibson, Christoff, Gay
Front Row- Arieta, Lyman, Kenworthy, Raimondi, Herman, Ambrose, Vergez, Abreu, Sheehan, Browne, Luby.

Inside the 1939 Oaks Dugout. In this priceless film clip from Billy Raimondi's home movies, you will see the 1939 Oaks team warming up on the field before a game, scenes from the Oaks Ball Park during the game, and an inside view of the Oaks' dugout with Gibson mugging for the camera while Fallon laughs, Salveson and others look on, and Raimondi tries intently to pay attention to the game.

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