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The Oakland Oaks Photo Album

Click below to see the following photographs:
  1. Aerial View of Oaks Ball Park
  2. Opening Day Ceremonies
  3. View from behind the plate
  4. View from the first base side
  5. Team Photo 1947
  6. Team Photo 1948
  7. Team Photo 1949
  8. Team Photo 1950
  9. Team Photo 1953
  10. Team Photo 1954
  11. Spring Training 1948 Casey chats with his players.
  12. Casey Gives Billy Some Pointers Rookie Billy Martin listens to words of wisdom from Oaks Manager Casey Stengel.
  13. Four of Casey Stengel's "Old Men": Ernie Lombardi; Billy Raimondi; "Cookie" Lavagetto; and Dario Lodigiani.
  14. John Ragni and John Babich
  15. Casey Stengel Baseball Cards
  16. Billy Martain Portrait 1948
  17. Les Scarsella
  18. Casey Stengel & Billy Martin Argue with the Umpire
  19. Casey Suits Up
  20. Casey Taunts O'Doul
  21. Casey Measures the Noses of Ernie Lombardi and Billy Martin
  22. Billy Martin and Dario Lodigiani Compare Noses
  23. Billy Martin Injured 1948
  24. Casey Stengel Celebrates Pennant Victory
  25. Pennant Victory Parade
  26. Casey Stengel is Given a New Car for Winning the Pennant
  27. Team is Honored on the Field
  28. Billy Martin 1949
  29. Billy Martin with Jackie Jensen 1949
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